The Story of Trapped In Fiction

Hello! I’m the creator of Trapped in Fiction Escape Rooms, Alex Miller.

Many years ago I tried by first escape room and I got the bug. A couple of years later I decided I wanted to create my own. I came up with the concept for an escape room in which people become characters within a novel and they follow the path of the story solving puzzles along the way to advance.

I started looking for a venue but struggled to find anywhere. While looking for a venue I got my hair cut in Burghfield Barbers and ended up creating an award winning escape room in the back of a barber shop, Escape The Chop (see Escape The Chop’s backstory). Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.

After creating a success with Escape The Chop, I turned towards reviving my dream of a fictional story based escape room, and started searching for a venue again.

The town of Basingstoke in Hampshire was the place which was landed upon, and the 1st Floor above Northwood’s estate agent was the unlikely destination.

The process of becoming one of the Basingstoke Escape Rooms had begun. The process of designing and building the first escape room was next.

The Forbidden Room Of Fun was based on nostalgia for all the games that I had played when I was a child, and that the main aim of my escape room would be that the players have fun!

To create an escape room with more than one room is a staple of escape rooms, so to contrast the room that would hold all the fun games, a room that was based around a dull living room with no fun was the starting point.

The story emerged naturally that children would be locked in the living room and want to gain access to the second room to have fun!

The puzzles in the first room were then based around the hobbies of the children’s captors, and the puzzles in the second room were based on childhood games.

The design process was quite quick and I can’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil any of the puzzles. But then the long process of building the room began. And after 4 months of hard work, the escape room was finally ready to open!

To have a go for yourself book now!