Team Building

Escape rooms require players to work together, which makes them a great way for companies to team build. Trapped in Fiction Escape Room in Basingstoke requires problem-solving by team members for them to solve all the puzzles and escape within 60 minutes!

Escape room team building lets employees practice work-related skills while having fun. Escape rooms are a valuable tool for companies that want to assess their employees, grow their skills, and engage them

They aren’t just problem-solving exercises. They’re fun, engaging, social activities.

So why not book in for a work social event or as part of a team building activity day.


Escape rooms require and test key competencies, in particular: teamwork, communication and problem solving

Local Amenities

Just a few minutes walk from Festival Place there is plenty to do nearby.

Or why not make a night of it and visit a restaurant in the Top of Town area.


Most importantly, an escape game will be the most entertaining, unique and memorable team building experience you’ve ever had.