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Mid Week Madness

Use code Midweek15 at the checkout to get 15% off for groups of 3 people or more when booking a game on Monday to Thursday

£20 off for groups with children

If 2 or more of your group are children (age 16 or under) use code Children20 to get £20 off.

Please contact us if you have any questions


What a fantastic room! So much fun. The puzzles are well thought out and very clever. It beat us though! Definitely go here if you are looking for a new room to do! Looking forward to the new one! Thank you!


Trapped In Fiction was our 30th escape room as a family, and it did not disappoint! Some lovely theming throughout, and enough puzzles going on in parallel to make sure that all team players had plenty to do at all times. Good town centre location, and a great host made for a great evenings entertainment!


Escape to a fantasy world this summer