About the Rooms


Trapped In...

The forbidden room of fun!

Nostalgic childhood games with a puzzling twist

Shoot, roll and snake your way to freedom!

Make sure you listen to Mr Monopoly along the way.


Escape into a world where YOU are the main character and craft your own story.

Your destiny is in your hands!

Can you escape the ultimate page turner?


…there was an old run-down house where some children lived with their foul aunt and uncle.

Whenever they were left in the house, they were locked in the living room and longed to escape to a happier place.

They puzzled over a curious locked door in the corner of the room, from behind which they had heard laughing and screams of joy.

They fantasised about the fun they could have in that room, and that just maybe the way to escape their misery lay beyond.


One day the aunt and uncle left the children and told them they would be back in an hour’s time.


The children decided this was the time to find a way into the forbidden room of fun, and possibly find a way to escape…

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Trapped In…

Peter Pan

Coming 2024…!!! Keep an eye out for when this trip into Neverland opens.

In the meantime, try escaping

The Forbidden Room of Fun!